Sunday, April 14, 2019

WWYS #214 Challenge Winner!

Happy Sunday!

Each week we will choose a random winner and this week the winner for #WWYS214 is......

Christy Stanford with this gorgeous card:

Please join us in congratulating Christy on her win this week! Christy, you are now invited to join us as a guest stamper for the challenge on April 29th! Please send us an email at whatwillyoustamp[at]gmail[dot]com before Friday, April 19th at 5 pm in order to get your badge for winning and get details for the challenge.

Apparently I have been very busy these past couple of weekends, and slacking on my job! :) I forgot to do this post the last two weeks, but we still want to recognize our participants each week, so let's throw our hands up for last week's winner for #WWYS213....

Brenda Woodard with this gorgeous card:

And the winner for #WWYS212....

Kirsten Aitchison with this gorgeous card:

Thank you for participating this week and we hope that you'll be able to join us again next week on What Will You Stamp!

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